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2018 Smarter Services™ Symposium

September 17-19, 2018     Chicago, IL USA

Who We Are

A Community & Information Platform where Global Service Executives Sharpen Strategy with the Aid of:

Research & Data

Benchmark your organization against service leaders


Validate your service and customer support strategy through experiential learning

Analysis & Insight

Seek guidance on the latest trends impacting service and customer support strategies

Research Tracks

Service Council's Persona-Driven Research Coverage Provides an Opportunity for Service and Customer Support Executives and their Functional Leadership Teams to Benefit from Benchmark and Initiative-Centric Research Projects.

Customer Experience
Field Service
Workforce & Talent
Service Parts Management
Data & Analytics
Leadership & Strategy
Sales & Marketing
Technology for Operators
Technology for Innovation

Our Research

2018 Smarter Services™ Executive Symposium
The Symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to meet and network with Services, Customer Experience and Customer Management Executives in an environment conducive to advancing Executive relationsh...
2018 Employee Engagement
Participants in this survey will receive complimentary access to the results. The intent of this research is to understand the degree of employee engagement in respondent companies , uncover key driv...
Is Change a Core Competency in Your Organization?
There are two common causes of less-than-successful change that occur in the majority of change initiatives we have observed or been involved in...
Rapid Improvement to Achieve Quick Results and Keep Teams Motivated
Greg Gibbs discusses the Rapid Improvement for Services approach...
Digital Transformation: The Importance of Service Information
Report & Analysis
The ultimate goal of digital transformation, whether for the service enterprise or beyond, is to create value for customers. This goal is achieved through the aid of information that is generated usin...
2018 Smarter Services™ Symposium Preview
Smarter Services™ Webcast
The Service Council sets the stage for the upcoming Smarter Services™ Symposium, taking place September 17-19th, 2018 in Chicago, IL...


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