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Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos: Are You Inventing/Re-Inventing For Your Customers?

by John Carroll, CEO, Service Council

Rumors have been circling for weeks and just yesterday, Amazon announced its long awaited HQ2 locations (New York City and Crystal City, ahem Washington D.C.). Lets set aside Amazon's decision for a moment which was starting to resemble Lebron James, "The Decision" (for those unfamiliar, Lebron James, an NBA Superstar, held a primetime TV spot to announce his selection of a franchise to sign with while in free agency back in 2010).

I found this quote in Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos' first comments so profound (particularly the comments in blue):

Maintaining Customer Engagement over the longhaul takes a lot of invention and re-invention of how you service and support Customers, what you offer them goods/products/service and how your organization is structured to support all of the above. In a Service Council research survey in early 2018 on Technology Automation and Artificial Intelligence, we asked respondents "How many Service Automation Projects have taken place in the previous 5 years?" 92% indicated at least 1 project and 1 out of 3 respondents indicating 5-7+ projects in the last 5 years. This data is fascinating as it indicates that many Service organizations we talk to our re-inventing themselves annually.

I pose the question to you: What are you inventing/re-inventing for your Customers in the next 12 months?

John Carroll is the CEO & Founder of Service Council and a is a frequent author on the topic of Smarter Services. Please feel free to reach him @ to discuss the above blog contents or other Service-related inquiries.

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John Carroll
CEO,  Service Council

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