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PTC & IFS Global Re-seller Partnership

by Chris Gera, Managing Director, EVP of Research & Insights, Service Council

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IFS and PTC announced a new global reseller partnership on February 21st. This move is interesting on several levels.

Why this move makes sense:

Collaboration in this space doesn’t occur often at this level and we are excited about the value proposition that this partnership will have on two very important operational aspects for Service Leaders and their brands related to service excellence and asset readiness. As the pressure on service increases from customer expectations and cost containment…efficiency, execution and delivering customer value remain top priorities.

Right Person, Right Part, Right Time at the Right Place…that’s a constant drumbeat that we hear from Service Leaders as they work to optimize their organizations to deliver outstanding customer experiences that are successful the “first time”! Service Customers want their service providers to help them drive uptime, with smart, predictave, JIT, effortless service resolutions. We believe this partnership could exponentially increase that “value-delivered” service outcome. Its interesting an offering that brings together the strength of PTC Servigistics® to deliver value combining with the IFS Field Service Management™ and including IFS Applications & IFS Maintenix™.

Too often a service executive must “choose” one versus another… while what they really want is to be able to employ the strengths that each solution provider brings to market. For that reason, we are very excited to stay close to the early adopters of this offering and will be sharing with our service community the capabilities and tangible results they can achieve with the combined power of these providers.

We will be watching this closely to see how the value is delivered as this moves forward into their customer systems and platforms. Assuming there are lessons learned from the ServiceMax relationship that will propel the PTC/IFS partnership further we would be encouraged to see additional connections across platforms where the combined offering delivers significantly increased value to the Service Organizations who employ them.

Questions which remain:

Will there be channel conflict issues which arise? We are sure there will be some rough edges as both companies figure out how to develop and deploy this integrated solution to the market and the customer. This innovative approach could spur others with these partners and perhaps across the providers that serve the Service Industry. Just as we focus on how best to deliver services to the end customer across different business segments, its exciting to see these providers refocusing and innovating to help those organizations win.

Does this increase real or perceived value from clients seeking an FSM platform and push IFS into lead position? Too early to tell…we will certainly be watching closely and evaluating what PTC & IFS learn along with sharing what we learn from companies who undertake and implement this integrated offering. We believe there is real value to be had here because the problem they are working to solve is very real to service executives working to deliver for their customers. The question we will continue to ask and evaluate is “Do clients find the integrated solution effortless to adopt and easy to integrate quickly and does it deliver value once up and running…?”

Will customers of other FSM solutions consider a move to IFS in order to gain additional value as result of the value presented by the partnership? As with any new offering there will be a period of adjustment in the market and those organizations who are currently evaluating a new FSM and associated platform now…will they be compelled to pause and evaluate how this partnered solution could unlock value for them. We believe it’s worth a look!

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Chris Gera
Managing Director, EVP of Research & Insights,  Service Council

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