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The Service Council is About Humanity in Service

by Gregory Gibbs, Vice President of Global Customer Transformation, Service Council

In less than one week, the 2018 Smarter Services Symposium will be happening. Our theme for this year's Symposium is "Service is Humanity." This theme is not some marketing tactic, but truly embodies what the New Service Council is all about. Based upon the extensive research we have conducted through the years, as well as marketplace trends in process today, the importance placed on the human side of service is not to be overlooked nor its value be underestimated.

As automation and artificial intelligence permeate every part of the service delivery process, technology can override the focus on the human experience side of delivery to customers—a service differentiation through personal connections. Although critical to success in the service world of today, technology is only one side to the overall service differentiation equation. That other side is the service experience, the human touch element, which will at some point become a "Moment of Truth" in your customer’s experience with your product or service.

What Is the Service Council?

A community & information platform where global service executives sharpen strategy through:

Research and data


Analysis and Insights

Our Vision:

We embrace the theme of "Service is Humanity," which highlights the value of holistic service to people, delivered with an optimal balance of people, process, technology and data. With service powered by the principle of the human touch, the customer experiences a consistent and enjoyable experience across every phase of the customer journey.

Our Mission:

We exist to help our Members find the optimal balance linking service profitability, innovation & delighted customers. We do this by:

  • Providing advisory services & business improvement methods to a diverse range of businesses, linking people, process, technology and data
  • Delivering Research Analysis & Insights tailored to our members needs, balanced with their organizational readiness
  • Connecting the Member community to executive peers, partners and influencers

Our Objectives:

  • Elevate and advance the dialogue around service to the level of strategic advantage
  • Provide a safe environment for the open and transparent knowledge-sharing amongst our Members and community

What We Value:

  • Community is Key: We live to connect others, to listen fully and to serve them with respect
  • Honesty & Integrity are Core: Our words are consistent with our actions. We build trust by trusting others
  • Credibility is Fundamental: We are straightforward, independent and objective, purposeful and impactful, thoughtful and thorough in what we do
  • We Welcome Challenge: Driven to excel, hard work and persistence result in surprising success—for our members and ourselves
  • We Act with Insight & Foresight: Our actions are grounded in knowledge from experience, acted upon with intuition
  • We Thrive by Learning & Growing: Continuously learning and improving on how we think, what we do and what we say

We hope you are planning to attend the 2018 Smarter Services Symposium! It will be attended by over 200 Service Industry executives and will include main stage speakers, the best-selling authors, Ron Kaufman ("Uplifting Service") and Joseph Pine, ("Experience Economy"). See you there!


The Service Council Team

For more information on Service Council strategy and services, contact Greg Gibbs at

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Gregory Gibbs
Vice President of Global Customer Transformation,  Service Council

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