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Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos: Are You Inventing/Re-Inventing For Your Customers?
11/13/2018  Blog Post

Guest Blog: Ron Kaufman (Best-selling Author & Founder of UP! Your Service) Shares 7 Top Trends from the 2018 Smarter Services™ Symposium
9/25/2018  Blog Post
Guest blogger Ron Kaufman shares some of 10 of the top trends we take away from the 2018 Smarter Services™ Symposium, what he calls a "positive and powerful" annual ...

A Service-Focused Vision: IFS World Conference 2018 Recap
5/14/2018  Blog Post
IFS hosted its World Conference in Atlanta last week, and The Service Council was invited to cover the event as an Influencer in the Service Management space.

Keeping an Eye on These Field Service Trends for 2018
1/8/2018  Blog Post
Field service trends for 2018 include mobile as a data point, video in learning and development, and layers of dispatch avoidance.

Looking for the Next Great Technology in Field Service, Let's Not Forget About Mobile
11/22/2017  Blog Post
Organizations often believe that they need real-time data collection to build predictive models or to feed machine learning systems. The problem is that real-time performance ...

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